DISH STORIES 「里山を駆け回る猪」

DISH STORIES 「里山を駆け回る猪」

普段なかなかお伝えしきれない、一皿一皿にある物語を「DISH STORIES(ディッシュストーリーズ)」と題して、お伝えしていくこちらの特集、第1回目は「里山を駆け回る猪」。

今の季節にご提供している猪は、千葉県鴨川にある我々の畑にほど近い、Mineoka Gibierさんの天然猪。写真はMineoka Gibierの代表ヘイミッシュ・スコット・マーフィーさん。


The first installment of this project, titled “DISH STORIES,” will feature the stories behind each dish, which are usually difficult to share with you.

Wild Boar

The wild boar we are offering is from Mineoka Gibier, located near our farm in Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture.
The photo shows Mineoka Gibier’s representative, Mr. Hamish Scott Murphy.
He is a former securities company employee who decided to move to Kamogawa City because he was fascinated by the nature and the “positive energy” he felt from Kamogawa once he visited there.
He is a specialist in the field of wild boars, which are causing the most serious damage to crops in Chiba, and are being exterminated as their population grows.

The boar’s cooperation with hunters and careful processing and aging make the meat completely free of peculiarities, just like Iberico pork.

This is a meat that should be enjoyed not only by those who love wild game, but also by those who do not.