NARAI (Openness) & UKERU (Acceptance)

TROIS VISAGES means “three faces” in French.
Deeply considering the relationship with “Guests”, “Staff”, and “Producers”, we always update “what is our French style”.

Connectedness; we want to express what we learn through our dishes.

We would like you to understand where seasonal ingredients come from, how they are, and the local food culture, as staying in Ginza, Tokyo.
We prepare the best dishes using the ingredients we carefully select for each plate, creating the most delicious seasonal food at the moment.


6-Course 5,500 yen (including tax)
2 dishes of food + 4 dishes of dessert

Lunch course only on Saturdays, focusing on dessert based on an afternoon tea.
The 6-course starts from 2 savory dishes, “Whey salad” and “Main dish” followed by 4 dessert dishes. Everything is prepared at the lively counter-kitchen, just in front of the guests.
As if you were enjoying an afternoon tea in Europe, have a wonderful time in the comfortable space with Nordic furniture around there.

*A service charge of 10% will be added.


12-Course 14,300 yen (including tax)

We would like you to feel and taste where the regions where our seasonal ingredients come from, and imagine what the producers want to deliver to you at our restaurant. We always select food ingredients with deep respect for all 12 dishes.

*A service charge of 10% will be added.

Take Out

These menus are available by reservation only, and they are carefully made to the same quality as dinner and lunch menu.
Chef’s special galette bretonne, Uiro with vanilla flavor, and corn bread are made with special attention to the quality and combination of ingredients.
We also offer original coffee beans roasted exclusively for us by KITAOJI ROASTER LAB based in Kyoto.

Blended coffee beans ”TROIS VESAGES”    864 yen~/100g (including tax)


On September 20, 2022, KITAOJI ROASTERY LAB was opened near Kitaoji Station in Kyoto, also nearby Kamogawa. They faithfully face to coffee beans and handle each character of the beans carefully, and roast and serve themselves.
We offer their specialty coffee blended exclusively for us.


Chef’s special Galette Bretonne 3,800 yen (including tax)

This is an original baked sweets with smoked flavor made by TROIS VISAGES, which is based on a traditional pastry ‘Galette Bretonne’ from Bretagne.
Chef uses natural salt from Awaji, which is committed to sustainability, and combined with plenty of butter, created to finish a sweet and salty taste with full of minerals.
The crunchy texture and smoky aroma come with seasonal herbs and trees, then it created finishing by “two times smoking method”.

Corn bread with Azuki beans    1,296 yen (including tax)

It is a healthy and not too sweet cake bread that can be eaten on various occasions such as breakfast, snacks, and given as gifts.
It’ gluten & lactose-free with no flour, eggs, and dairy products, focusing on a plant-based sweets. It’s made with soy milk and rice flour to keep a light flavor, and rich taste of Azuki beans adds some depth.
You can enjoy a rich aroma and flavor after warming in a range or browning in a frying pan.

Uiro with Vanilla flavor    3,300 yen (including tax)

Our Uiro is a westernized sweets from a traditional Japanese confectionery.
The fresh taste and texture with aroma of Madagascar vanilla are quite popular as one of mignardises in our dinner course.
We offer a sauce and powder that allow you to ‘change the taste’ to enjoy as you like for take-out menu.
This boxed sets are suitable as gifts for entertaining guests or family members.


Ryohei Kuninaga

Born in 1988, Yamaguchi
After graduating from Fukuoka Culinary Academy, he realized his strong passion to work at a French restaurant in Tokyo, and he joined “Le Mange-Tout”, one star Michelin. After working for Chef Noboru Tani for 9 years, he moved to France, and worked at Restaurant Le Charlemagne, one star Michelin in Bourgogne, Restaurant PAGES, one star Michelin in Paris.
After returning to Tokyo, he joined to GROVE DISH Co., Ltd., and participated to the catering and the bistro under the company.
In April, 2022, he was appointed the chef of TROIS VISAGES.

TROIS VISAGES; our passion

In order to fully enjoy entire time at TROIS VISAGES, we would select everything with our special care.
We visit producers as many people as possible, not only for foods, also for cutleries and furniture that our customers use at our restaurant.


Naeme Farmers Stand

This Kamogawa-based producer pursues ‘cultivation’ and ‘harvesting’, growing vegetables, herbs and edible flowers with rich flavors and aromas, with pesticide-free or no chemical fertilizers.
We’ve borrowed a part of their field as Trois Visages farm, and we grow tomatoes, zucchini, and other vegetables, as well as seasonal herbs. Our aim is to grow vegetables and herbs that have a strong bitter taste or acidity rather than the current ones that are light or sweet taste. Also, we have a very strong sympathy with their activity for garbage compost, and we are cooperating with them for this activity together. We don’t know yet how far we can reduce the food waste though, we are for sure that starting this initiative will help us to concern more about the environment matters.


Mitosaya Botanical Distillery

They are the distillery with the philosophy of ‘from small discoveries in nature’. They make the products using their fruit trees, medicinal herbs, and regular herbs grown in-house, as well as the partners throughout Japan who grow the rich crops. Mitosaya has a partnership with Naeme, they use herbs that are as much close to nature as possible, and try to produce a special drop by their distillation. So, their amazing eau-de-vie is that the ingredients are ‘there’ rather than just ‘scented’…
In the dishes at TROIS VISAGES, we would think to emphasize the ‘aroma’ of seasonal ingredients in order to express its best season. We would able to add the rich aroma of Mitosaya’s eau-de-vie on our cuisine. Also, it can be a gorgeous digestif, of course…

Dishes & Cutleries


Our chef encountered this brand when he was in France, and wanted to use it in Japan after returning. This tableware maker began with cutlery at the beginning, pursuing smart design and functionality. The coloring is unique, and the matte texture and soft colors with the dishes are one of their signature lines.


Keicondo is a ceramic artist based in Kasama, Ibaraki, offering dishes for specially for cuisine. He puts his own origin into his work, and creates vessels that reflect ingredients and food.

Atsushi Funakushi

Atsushi Funakushi is also a ceramic artist based in Kasama, Ibaraki, same as Keicondo. His dishes are mostly monotone such as white, black and silver with distinctive shapes, giving a very modern look.
Our chef impressed with its glazed on his works, so we asked to order some plain white plates and a lamp shade at the entrance.

Sugahara Glass

This is the glassware that our chef uses at home. According to the artisans, ‘glass is alive’, there are glasses and vessels for various uses, also shapes and patterns. Their aim is to create their tableware that will stay with the times in everyday life. Also, even if the glass chips, it’s possible to maintain it by grinding and adjusting, and it can be used for a long time. We believe that the long-lasting usability of the products goes along with our concept.


This brand is specialized in cutlery began in the factory in the town of Taipas, Portugal.
They continue to produce products with delicate, simple form, and high quality, and they are loved from all over the world. Everyone has seen and touched to these traditional products at least once. And we asked to apply surface treatment twice to the manufacturer in Fukui, to have more durability and more quality of using, and then, the color was finished our original bronze one.
It goes well with the interior setting in natural atmosphere in our restaurant.


The founder who used to be a restaurant owner founded this brand himself to pursue a knife that cuts well for meat dishes.
We chose PERCEVAL knives for our main dish plate by the reason for those made to cut meat beautifully.
The number = 9.47 engraved on the handle indicates the alcohol content of the wine he was drinking while he talked with his team about a knife he wanted to create. The episode of the number not to forget the thoughts at that time is also impressive, and we also as a team of TROIS VISAGES now are overlapping our future with this story.

Interior & Space designs

Our space is designed with materials that have been with us since ancient times, such as plastered walls with excellent humidity control, originally blending plaster and diatomaceous earth, Japanese cedar form Yakushima, and Oya stone its unique character, under the concept of ‘comfort without making you feel conscious of it’. We hope you will always feel at ease as if you are surrounded by nature.

The space creates high quality cozy atmosphere with simple beauty by simple, beautiful, and comfortable dining chairs designed by Hans J Wegner and Borge Mogensen, and the lighting created by Louise Poul Henningsen, the father of modern lighting that fills the space with gentle and soft light.

Think about sustainability

Our imagination on food toward to the future, let’s start thinking about what we can do.
We always carry a tiny light with us and keep making various efforts to light-on for small things surroundings.
For instance, thinking about how we eat the food without loss, or how we use favorite vessels for a long time...
We hope that each effort will be a piece of sustainable society.