Event Report : Le Mange-tout × GROVE DISH × TROIS VISAGES

Event Report : Le Mange-tout × GROVE DISH × TROIS VISAGES

On the past April 28th, our 3-chef collaboration event was held with Chef Noboru Tani of Le mange-tout,
Chef Atsuhiko Hagiwara of GROVE DISH, and Chef Ryohei Kuninaga of TROIS VISAGES.
The concept of the event was to allow guests to experience and enjoy “inherited traditions”
and “innovation being created” through the food.
The event was finished with a great success, with many customers expressing their appreciation for it.
We now would like to introduce the dishes and wines served at the event.


Three kinds of amuse 
Chopped squid topped with chimichurri  (photo: top)
Green pea hummus, Pan soufflé (photo: middle)
Homemade Gyuhi and Goie Gras (photo: bottom)

Esprit Naturel G NV / Henri Giraud
It’s a very full-bodied Champagne, mainly Pinot Noir, and it was paired for the guests to be enjoying
Umami flavor of amuse pieces with.

Sea urchin / Nemuro (Hokkaido)
A dish of Sea urchin from Nemuro, which has rich flavor, topped with seasonal onion mousse.

2018 Pinot Gris Rothenberg / Zindt Humbrecht
A wine from a leading producer in Alsace, France.
It has an aroma like honey and a firm minerality that go with the sweetness of sea urchin
and scent of seashore.This pairing was most appreciated by Chef Tani who experienced in Alsace long time…

White asparagus / Loire (France)
For fresh and rich flavored white asparagus, it was aromatically seared to finish, with both a rich truffle sauce and a hollandaise sauce.

2018 Chateau Carbonnieux Blanc
Bordeaux is also the home of white asparagus, so the wine naturally goes with the one from there.
It’s a classic wine that is barrel-aged and has an intermediate body with.

Clam / Kujukuri(Chiba)
A soup made of clam broth made at 80 degrees, and added more clams.
The flavor of clams is taken to the extreme.

A quail stuffed with girolle and morille mushrooms was baked aromatically,
and served with a rich périgueux sauce.

2018 Volnay Tailepied Premier Cru / François Buffet
The quality of the meat we used this time was quite light, so we made it match with a wine that
was as concentrated as the rich sauce, yet smooth and elegant.

Kyoto-Bamboo shoot / Mozume (Kyoto)
Then bamboo shoots grilled with rock salt, were grown in soft and fluffy soil in Kyoto, as a top quality.
The taste is very elegant with a bit bitterness, and they were served simply with salt and olive oil.

2021 Condrieu Cotezu La Loye / Jean Michel Gerin
The combination of the mild lactic fermentation like sake flavor and the slightly bitter aftertaste of Viognier
went along with the dish well, and responded the most from the guests.

Red bream / Katsuura(Chiba)
The red bream landed off the coast of Katsunuma is carefully oiled and made into Matsukasa style.
It was served with a rich butter sauce and sautéed wild vegetable sprouts.

2017 Beaune Premier Cru Bressande Famille Gage / Louis Jadot
It’s a full-bodied wine with well-balanced fruit and oak nuances.
It was paired with a rich sauce made with lots of butter and crispy scales of the fish.

Lamb / Sisteron (France)
Slowly roasted lamb from Sisteron, France. 
Topped with roasted carrots cooked in 3 hours with a hint of orange.

1992 Chateau d’Armailhac Magnum
A classic combination of lamb and Pauillac wine.
1992 was difficult year for wines, however, the producer’s efforts was paid off with a wonderful wine that
matched very well with fatless lamb.

Hassaku orange / Kuramitsu FarmA parfait made with Hassaku riped on the tree.
The sweetness, acidity, and bitterness were kept as simple as possible to maximize enjoyment.

Vacherin  White strawberry
In the meringue made as delicate as possible, there were white strawberry and lemongrass iced cream,
and jasmine flavored cream stuffed with.
It was a refreshing dish that reminded you early summer.

Solera Latafia Champenoise 4.5L / Henri Giraud
It’s an exceptionally delicious dessert wine enjoyed by Champagne producers for their own consumption.
it’s a grape juice with cognac added, and made by the same way of aging as sherry.
Only a few bottles rarely are available in Japan.
Since we started with Henri Giraud, finished with Henri Giraud.

Mignardise  Mandeleines
Freshly made one tray of madeleines were served per person.
The rest was “give-away” as souvenir.

TROIS VISAGES official Instagram is now open for other scenes including the preperations.
Please take a look of it.
At the end, we would like to thank all the guests who participated at the event.