Our event regarding “KINTSUGI x TROIS VISAGES” which was second time had been successfully finished on May 3rd.

From the experience of KINTSUGI (repairing pottery with lacquer mixed with gold) and lunch,
it’s sure the guests felt a sense of “using ingredients or resources up with care” and
“continuing to use”, how they are important.

This event began with an encounter with Mr. Yuta Hagiwara, the representative of “kintsugi kurashi”.
We are always conscious of our “responsibility to create and use” and seek what we can do.
So, the concept of kintsugi kurashi which repairing potteries and using again with daily life exactly
fits with our idea of “using resources up with care”

We hope to share these thoughts with our guests, and then this event has been started.

With your big support, the second event was fully booked same as the first one.
We felt the highly interest in KINTSUGI from the guests participated.
We thank you very much for your participation this time.

After KINTSUGI experience, Chef Kuninaga’s special lunch course was offered.

We will hold this event continuously later on, too.
We sincerely apologize to those who were unfortunately unable to join this time.
We are looking forward to seeing you next time.
The announcement will be made on our website and SNS.