• episode.4

      Utilization of wild boar:Roasted wild boar

      The wild boar served is from Mineoka Ghibier, located near a farm in Kamogawa City, Chiba……

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    • episode.3

      “KOMATSUNA Curry”:Reusing of non-standard vegetables

      Loss of edible ingredients that cannot be released is a familiar issue these days.This is……

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    • episode.2

      “KAWAMATA-wild chicken consommé”:Reusing of multiparous chickens

      We offer a consommé made with multiparous chickens, which are no longer laying eggs and d……

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    • episode.1

      “KIWAMI-Enoki Sausage”:Reusing of wasted vegetables

      We collect parts of wasted vegetables, such as the stems and peels using in the preparati……

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